The Tiger

Game Ready Tiger

This guy is made to be part of a larger scene, but I wanted to show him off once he was finised. He will receive a few updates after the rest of the scene is prepared.

Tri's = ~35k
Materials = four 4k maps
Landscape items are from Quixel Megascans store

Displayed in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Alex javor screenshot021
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Alex javor

When I first began this project, I gathered lots of 2d reference and tried to mimic other artist. But my results were... well, you can see.

Alex javor screenshot012

After much frustration at not getting the look I wanted, I realized that I didn't truly understand what I was trying to make. So I spent a few days watching all the video footage of tigers that I could. After that, my work improved a lot.

Alex javor

But the face remained awful. This is not a majestic hunter who strikes fear into the heart of man! But how can I improve? What am I doing wrong?

Alex javor

Sometimes, it's best to just start over. But this time, I searched far and wide and found a scanned tiger skull. I used this to start my new head from. I built the muscles one by one, then layered skin on top.

Alex javor f830c5a5a71fb35287a197e7ac6e2ax

By going back and working from the bones outward, I began to feel like I was getting where I wanted. I was a lot more confident from studying video footage as well. No more speculating from images.

Alex javor

The biggest challenge of this project was " how to do the fur texture?" I didn't want to use a special shader, and I didn't want 200k polygons of hair cards. So after weeks of experimentation, the best method was to bake fibermesh with vertex color.

Alex javor

This was a very troublesome workflow and took a lot of time. But the results were good. I will continue to refine this workflow. I believe a higher degree of realism may be achieved for short-fur creatures this way rather than using a multi-pass shader.

Alex javor tiger lookdev

I should mention, I got the initial idea to bake hair simulation from Pogar Marius's horses here on artstation. Check them out!