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Modular Medieval Characters Development

11th century European-style characters. Heads, helmets, and hairstyles can be swapped with outfits. Designed for an upcoming turn based strategy action game : "Blood, Sweat, and Gold."

I am doing all modeling, texturing, and rigging. Some of the outfit textures are procedural materials from Everything else is my own work. All photo's in this album are works in progress.

Alex javor 0b7ff2df40778cc5ede94d108929f339 jpg
Alex javor c5d377414e529f2e5cf855a82789758d jpg

I've made these trees using SpeedTree for Unity editor. Mostly I used Speedtree textures, but the shrub I created from photo's taken of a bush in my backyard.

Alex javor mob8

The first nine outfits with all texture variations. Now it's time to make some more faces.

Alex javor screenshot034

hair and whiskers in progress

Alex javor screenshot030

hair and whiskers in progress

Alex javor screenshot029

hair and whiskers in progress

Alex javor mob10
Alex javor mob9
Alex javor mob8

Additional heads and skin textures for the peasant class.

Alex javor mob6
Alex javor mob7