Modular Medieval Characters Development

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A total of nine outfits with 4-5 texture variations for each. This took about three months from the initial planning and figuring to having them all rigged and working in Unity engine.

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Working with the developer, we defined a minimum amount of faces/skin variations needed for launch. In order to make deadline, I had to average about one character in two working days. Staying organized was really important!

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Such a tight deadline didn't allow me to redo things many times for qualities sake, but texturing so many dirty white dudes over and over helped me improved my texturing workflows for realistic skin considerably.

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I got about nine hairstyles and as many beards completed. This was a good primer for figuring out efficient workflows for hair card placement.

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I also got my feet wet with SpeedTree a little bit -- I made the bushes and trees in just a few days. Very easy, fast, and flexible program to learn. I highly recommend it.

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I made assets for two biomes, based on a northern forest aesthetic. A muskeg and a forest. I set up some quick demo scenes to help the developer understand how the assets can be used.

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Modular Medieval Characters Development

Here's a bunch of dudes I made for a Unity turn-based-strategy game. The heads, hair, hats/helmets can be swapped out.

I did all of the modeling, texturing, and rigging. Some of the outfit textures are procedural materials from

Although these characters are not on par with current AAA productions, this project was a pivotal learning experience for me and helped me develop a lot of confidence in 3d by tackling a challenge that involved designing a complex modular character system by collaborating with a programmer/designer, and then doing all the production on a tight deadline while also helping with other aspects of the games development. It was a lot of work, a lot of lessons learned the hard way (neither of us had done something like this before), but overall a fantastic experience that helped move me ten steps forward as an artist in one steps time.